A Labour of Love

Saint George Orthodox Village is a new concept in senior living. Drawing from many examples and sources ours is a unique community that fosters social interaction and closeness to God. Not satisfied with the current models of institutional and isolated nursing homes, we looked for alternatives. From ancient traditions such as the Ten Commandments “You shall honor your father and your mother” to the newest concepts, such as , the “Blue Zone Theory of Longevity” we have developed a community that becomes a place that nourishes the body, mind and soul. During the golden age of Ancient Greece, a society that held honor above all else, the care of the elderly was regarded as a sacred duty. Additionally, looking to our own faith the  Orthodox Church Fathers maintain two central understandings of human nature. First, they define personhood in terms of relationships – to others and especially with God. Second, they insist on a union between the soul and body— that is, that the two share an inseparable unity. By taking a moment to consider these beliefs, we will discover a deeper understanding of our loved ones’ aging process. Deep down, each of us yearns to be in dialogue, in communion, with God and one another. Therefore keeping the mind, body and soul nurtured leads to a fulfilled existence. As we age this becomes intensified. Saint George Orthodox Village strives to satisfy these higher human needs. [Read more here]